Date: 9th September 2020 TechExeter
Track: 2 Type of session: Talk
Start Time: 16:15 Level: No prior knowledge / entry-level

Blazor - Client-side web apps in C# using WebAssembly

Note: Speaker information is preliminary and subject to change

Blazor is Microsoft's brand new framework for building client-side web applications. So what makes it special, compared to all the other front-end frameworks out there? Blazor has a unique feature: you write the code in C#, which runs in the browser using WebAssembly - with no Javascript involved!

In this talk, we'll see how we can write applications using Blazor, and take a look at its syntax and component model. We'll explore how Blazor works under the hood, and how WebAssembly is used to run .NET code within the browser. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and get an understanding of when it makes sense to use Blazor.

Session takeaways

  • knowledge of how to get started creating Blazor applications
  • understand how WebAssembly enables running non-Javascript languages in the browser
  • appreciate when Blazor is a good fit for an application, and when to avoid it


Charles is a technical lead and full-stack developer at Ghyston, a Bristol-based software development & consultancy firm, where he’s responsible for leading teams building software with a variety of technologies. He particularly enjoys figuring out how to make tough technical concepts understandable and approachable for other developers.

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