Date: 10th September 2020 Digital Exeter
Track: 1 Type of session: Talk
Start Time: 15:45 Level: No prior knowledge / entry-level

Climb the career ladder, one SMART step at a time

Note: Speaker information is preliminary and subject to change

Do you feel that your career has come to a standstill? Do you have big dreams but no idea how to achieve them? Do you find career progression overwhelming? Overcome those internal demons and join Carly for this inspiring and creative talk about how to climb the career ladder to reach your goals in a realistic and productive way. This talk will show you how to not worry about the long-term plan and instead focus on the small steps that will get you there. Using the SMART formula, Carly has first-hand experience of working her way up her own career ladder in technology. Join this talk to discover how you can use the SMART formula in your own career path to achieve your goals.

Session takeaways

  • career inspiration
  • tools to set their own SMART goals
  • female representation within senior tech management


Carly’s career at VUALTO started 8 years ago. She joined the company when it was a startup as a Webcast Engineer. Carly quickly found a passion for developing client relationships and within 8 years she has developed and manages four key teams: Managed Clients, Technical Support, Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Quality Assurance (QA). Carly has built great relationships with her colleagues and is a firm believer that it takes a happy team to run a successful business.

Carly is extremely passionate about encouraging girls and women to consider careers in technology. She is a STEM Ambassador and regularly gets involved with local STEM events. She also visits schools and shares her journey into technology with career talks and workshops at STEM clubs. Carly founded #GIRLCODE (with the support of VUALTO) which is a free coding class for girls aged 8-14 who want to learn to code in a fun and friendly environment. Carly has recently won two awards:

Women in IT Awards Advocate of the Year 2020

TechWomen100 Awards 2019.

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