Date: 9th September 2020 TechExeter
Track: 1 Type of session: Talk
Start Time: 13:45 Level: Mid-level, some knowledge required

Democratising Computer Vision with Pluggable AI Services in Azure

Note: Speaker information is preliminary and subject to change

I'll look at the evolution of "pluggable" computer vision services in cloud computing, with a focus on the Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services. These types of services are designed to democratise access to previously complex AI tasks and open them up to the broad population of developers as well as data scientists. For this session we'll look specifically at computer vision (object detection, facial recognition, image tagging etc) and if the demo gods are smiling I'll demonstrate a few fun things you can do with just a few API calls.

Session takeaways

  • understand the difference between a "traditional" AI workflow and a "cognitive service" style AI workflow
  • appreciation of the range of pluggable AI services available in the cloud (focussing on Microsoft Azure)
  • understand how easily complex computer vision tasks can be implemented by non-data scientist developers using cognitive services


David started out writing UNIX drivers in C and ended up twenty years later helping deliver the dream of cloud-native everything for Microsoft. He helps people design and build stuff in Azure, from big data to microservices, with a focus on open-source technology stacks.

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The Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys develop software for 3D image data visualization, analysis, and model generation for medical and industrial applications.

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